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RITEMAN Holding .
is an investment company specializing in identifying emerging companies in the Information Technology field with knowledge, talent, experience, and investment in leading edge technologies.

RITEMAN Holding Inc.  provides more than capital to small companies— the company is able to provide an exceptional level of support because our seasoned management have operational experience managing businesses.

Our approach is to provide hands on collaborative support and work alongside management to build the institutions and efficiencies necessary for sustainable scalable growth.



We make control investments in an identified platform primarily in the Information Technology field and than continue to invest in the development and growth of the organization - organically and through a series of strategic mergers and acquisitions and help to forge strategic alliances with other non competing key players in the industry.

The company’s approach to working with emerging-growth firms is to focus on market position and develop a strategy to align with important business partners to expand the target’s base so that the pathway to growing the company is expedited.

The company’s team of experienced, senior executives works with the target’s team to achieve growth and to develop an influential business strategy to position client’s firm as a viable force in the market.


The long-term objective of RITEMAN Holding company structure is to establish a management framework capable of responding even faster to major changes in markets. Through this speed, the group is aiming to operate in a manner that maximizes its corporate value by sustaining growth in sales and earnings. This approach is different from many other organizations attempting to grow fast with no framework to sustain it, where RITEMAN Holding’s philosophy is to build a company  with a management structure and vision able to support long-term growth driven by many elements and one that can sustains shifting economical trends and take advantage of  new concepts at the development stage. The objective is raising the value of the group for the benefit of shareholders as a stable long term investment.