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Marketech Corp  www.marketechcorp.com

In the year 2001 Mr. Rechtman – CEO of OR Holding cofounded Marketech Corp  Inc.

 Marketech Corp focuses on business development and sales for its high tech clients. The company specialize in implementing technologies into business entities in the US and Canadian  
 markets. Marketech Corp offers its clients a reliable, high quality alternative to in-house resources for business and market development, as well as assists in raising capital on an international scale. A true alternative to in-house resources offers a high level of practical experience, know how, contacts, and confidentiality. Through its numacts within the North American high technology environment, Marketech Corp provides high level expertise in international high technology business development, channel development distribution, business development strategies and marketing of high technology products and technologies. Marketech Corp is led by an experienced and devoted management team, dedicated to service and to meeting its clients' goals. 
Marketech Corp is the leading marketing arm for 4Service Inc. and provides invaluable consulting and hands on  management for all sales and marketing activities of OR Holding and its subsidiaries. 

Step Strategy Advisors. http://www.stepstrategy.net/ 

Provides Business Advisory assistance to firms to enhance strategic direction, market positioning, revenue generation, and growth through acquisition.

Mr. Rechtman – OR Holding’s CEO has been for many years collaborating with Step Strategy on evaluations of many potential acquisitions , raising venture capital and providing consulting management services

The Company:

      *  facilitates and manages the acquisition process in confidence.

  • Supports successful business development activity with new and meaningful customers to create revenue strength for your company. 
  • Provides business advisory to guide the growth of your company while introducing and facilitating important strategic alliances.
  • Designs your corporate structure to support and guide the capital formation process

Step Strategy created a Business Advisory Team tailored to client’s venture from extensive Advisor base, providing focused entrepreneurial thinking through practical advice and tactical support based upon relevant business experience and expertise.

They actively assist in market positioning, management team cohesiveness, effective business practices, and business development activities to take client’s venture to a higher level of success